Full guide to fix "System Thread Exception Not Handled" Error on Windows 10

Full Guide to Fix “System Thread Exception Not Handled” Error on Windows 10


Usually, your laptop or PC must load up when you hit the power button. But at times, you may experience a blue screen with a pop-up showing “system_thread_exception_not_handled”. So, if you encounter the same error, this is the guide to fixing the system thread exception, not handled error.

The meaning of the “System Thread Exception Not Handled” error

Before describing the methods to fix this error, let us understand why you may come across this error. So, this section will walk you through the meaning of system thread exception, not handled error.

The system thread exception not handled error makes your screen appear complete blue when you try to power on your device. This error points out that a system thread is missing from your computer driver, and the hander cannot identify the exception. So, the blue screen appears, and that often shows 0x0000007E or 0x1000007E. However, this particular error disallows your computer to load up and end up in reboot. The only way to break this error is to use your device in safe mode. But that is not a genuine solution to fix system thread exception, not handled error.

When and Why does it happen?

Commonly known as the Blue screen of death, this error appears when the drivers in the Windows are outdated or corrupted. So, if your Windows drivers are incompatible, the computer will be stuck in the continuous reboot loop, and then you will see the blue screen. It mainly appears in Windows with operating systems higher than 8. So, if you have not updated the drivers in your computer, you are most likely to experience the system thread exception, not handled error.

Sometimes, certain malware and 3rd party software can also be the reason for the “system_thread-exception_not-handled” error. Moreover, incomplete driver updates may generate system thread exception not handled windows ten error.

What Does a file name attach to the error code Mean?

If you are fortunate enough, the “system_thread_exception_not_handled” error will have a file name attached to it. This aids you in completely eradicating the error. We will discuss the same in this section.

The file name attached with the error indicates the graphic drivers that cause the problem. As soon as you update the drivers or install it correctly, the system thread exception not handled error will get resolved. Some of the common files are listed below:

  • Sys – if you have an AMD graphics card installed on your device and this file name pops up, this generally means that the graphics card drivers are outdated or incompatible.
  • This system thread exception not handled windows ten error filename refers to incorrect installation of Nvidia graphics card. So, all you need to do is to update the graphics driver.
  • sys – this system thread exception not handled error is related to DirectX drivers.
  • sys – USB device audio drivers need to be updated to fix the “system_thread_exception_not_handled” error.

How to fix the Windows 10 Stop system thread exception not handled?

So, we have arrived at the conclusive section of our article. Here, we will show you five steps to fix the issue. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the five simple solutions to fix system thread exception not handled windows ten error on your device.

  • Identify the faulty driver

One of the easiest ways to fix the “system_thread_exception_not_handled” error is to track the events causing it. You can check the log files on your system and following these simple processes to troubleshoot the error:

  1. Tap windows keys and R simultaneously that will open the “run” dialogue box.
  2. Press Enter after finding “eventvwr”. This will open the event viewer.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu on the Windows logs
  4. Identify the “system_thread_exception_not_handled” error and the associated drivers.
  • Update or reinstall the drivers

Another convenient way to fix the system thread exception not handled error is to update them. However, your device must boot up to get access to the drivers. Therefore, you will need to update the drivers or restore the last compatible version.

This can be done by entering into the device manager of the system. For example, you can hit the Windows key and X to get into the device manager. Then you can either update the drivers, roll them back to their previous compatible versions, or install the drivers correctly.

  • Change the driver’s name

If you are aware of the file name attached to the system thread exception not handled windows ten error, you can rename it. This will allow the device to fetch a new copy and reinstall the drivers. The steps are listed below that can help rename the corrupt files and solve the issue:

  1. Open the command prompt tab and type “cmd” in your computer’s search
  2. Type C: and then hit enter.
  3. Type cd windows\system32\drivers and again hit enter.
  4. Provide the command run filename. sys FILENAME.old to rename the file
  5. Type exit and reboot the device.
  • Scan and repair the system files

Repairing corrupt files requires you to run SFC and open the command prompt. Next, run the command prompt as an administrator and click on the “advanced options” from the list. After that, type SFC/scannow and hit the enter button. This will fetch lost system files and repair damaged files.

  • Restore your OS to the previous compatible version

The most common reason for this system thread exception not handled error is the incompatibility of the new versions of the software and the operating systems. To fix this, you have to check for the last previous version of the graphic drivers. You may also require a system repair disc to recover the previous version files. Then, after restoring the last compatible version, restart your computer, and it will start working fine.

So, these are the steps to troubleshoot system thread exception, not handled error. So, if you are experiencing similar issues, we recommend you follow the above solutions. But if you never want to confront the issue in the first place, try updating your drivers, and operating software packages never face system thread exception not handled the issue shortly.


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