Solving the Popular Windows 10 Errors

Solving the Popular Windows 10 Errors


Windows 10 operating system is one of the most popular OS developed by Microsoft Corp. It became a big hit from the day it was released and had been serving users all over the world. Sometimes, even the best computers can slow due to some errors in the operating systems. Microsoft claims to remove some of the potential threats in Windows 10 and request users to use their system fluently. Here are some of the popular Windows 10 errors that you come across and how to remove them from the system.


The bluescreen stop 0x0000003B is a common Windows 10 error that can emerge due to incorrectly installed or corrupted Microsoft IEEE1394 device drivers. It occurs when the user installs a corrupted APK on the PC without scanning it properly. This error needs to be sorted immediately to prevent your computer from getting crashed. The error 0x0000003B symptoms are screen freeze, late responses, and the system might shut down on its own.

The best way to remove the 0x0000003B error is to run a complete malware check. It is a possibility that the virus might have affected your files and corrupt the data in them. Also, consider removing the newly added applications or system files on your PC if the error is frequent.


The 0x000000EF error also belongs to the category of bluescreen stops that can hamper your PC’s performance. This error is quite irritating and can result in the loss of important data stored in the hard drive. The main reason behind the error 0x000000EF is the hindering of the back-end file responsible for running your Windows 10 operating system. There are chances that your PC can stop working and can lead to further damages to the files.

Some measures taken to fix the 0x000000EF error are the SFC scan, driver updates, and normal virus scan for the desktop. This will remove all the harmful files that have the potential to create a mess.


The 0x00000133 bug is one of the most recent bugs that appeared on Windows 10, and Microsoft is well aware of it. This error usually comes while you login into the account after turning on the desktop. This error is very common when you connect new hardware with a PC that is not fully compatible with your system. Moreover, a bugged graphics card or additional RAM drive can cause the 0x00000133 error. You need to worry much about it, and there are several ways to remove this error from your computer.

Consider rebooting your system as soon as the error pops on the screen. Your computer might hang in between, so try restarting it through the Safe mode option. Sometimes outdated drivers can also create difficulties in the system, so try keeping them updated to the latest version.


There is no doubt that the error 0x000000D1 can occur in any operating system but is more frequent in Microsoft Windows 10. Usually, the users come across this error during the startup of the system. Some users also complain about the bug while updating their operating systems, and their PC gets stuck in an infinite loop of reboots. If left ignored, the 0x000000D1 bug could spread and might destroy data present in other files stored on your desktop.

If you want to remove it, try rolling back to the Network driver by clicking the button present in the Properties section of Network Adapters. A separate blue screen troubleshooter for the error 0x000000D1 is also available in the settings of Windows 10; use it!


A serious system crash can occur due to the 0x1000007E error, and you need to remove it as soon as possible. The annoying part about this error is that it can reboot your PC without notice, and you will end up losing all your unsaved files. Make sure to wait after you turn on the desktop as it crashes the system in the first few minutes of the login. The main culprit for the error 0x1000007E is the old version of Silverlight. The manufactures have assured to remove the bug as you install the updated Silverlight version.

It’s better to not skip any major or minor windows update as new versions are always better than the previous ones. Sometimes, third-party security apps like McAfee or Avast can disturb your windows’ functioning and lead to this error.


Any windows require all of its applications to be updated for creating a smooth environment for your desktop. Sometimes, you might encounter the 0xC000021A error that means user-mode subsystems in your drive are corrupted. You will start experiencing system lag when the error messages pop up on the screen. The energy consumption will eventually increase, and your PC will start heating up in no time. If the CSRSS or the WinLogon in the system gets misconfigured, the 0xC000021A error will damage the internal files.

This error is fatal, and you can easily remove it from Windows 10 by booting your system via Easy Recovery Essentials CD. If you have installed any kind of apps in the last few days, consider removing them from the system, followed by a complete security inspection of the PC.


The prevailing issues cause the bluescreen 0x0000007B error in the device drivers. The hardware controllers might end up losing control as they get affected by a malware attack. The users can get to know about this error if their running app crashes or the system slows down or even freezes for several seconds. These all are the 0x0000007B error symptoms, and make sure to remove it from the PC.

It becomes important to delete the junk files present on the hard drive of the computer. You don’t want to risk all your saved data as this error will target the storage units. Make sure that your PC is running in the previous good configuration as changes can lead to issues.


There is no doubt that your Windows 10 will require all the files updated to run smoothly. If any file gets deleted by a virus attack by chance, you might end up getting a 0xC000000F error. Shutting your PC directly from the power cable can be a probable reason for this bug. The system might provide a notice related to the same issue.

If you want to remove the 0xC000000F  error, disconnect all the external devices attached to the computer. Run a troubleshoot for the system, and you will find the file names missing from the driver list.


The STOP error 0x0000001D is the result of the changes made in the internal files of your computer. This means your newly introduced file is not compatible and creating problems for the pre-existing applications. Users often see this error while playing games, turning on the PC from sleep mode, and other sudden changes in the environment of internal storage.

Some ways to remove the 0x0000001D error are, rebooting your system and starting a diagnosis for locating the problem in your PC. Almost every STOP error can be removed by running a troubleshoot, and it will help the system perform better. Consider repairing your computer in case the error persists.


The window often shut down the computer to prevent additional damage due to the 0x0000008E error. It is regarded as a critical error, and the user must remove it at the beginning itself. There have been claims where the error arises in the newly installed Windows 10. This means that the OS is not downloaded or installed properly on the system. Your system will get turn off occasionally and hence deleting all your data.

Don’t rely on your drivers and BIOS; consider updating them as soon as the new version hits the store. Either update them manually or schedule them to automatically get installed and solve the 0x0000008E error. Prevent using third-party apps and scan your system for viruses.


The 0x000000E2 is another addition to the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) error list. If this error pops, this means your computer is rebooting itself due to crash dumps in the system. It is highly risky for the safety of your data stored in the hard drives, and you should not neglect it. You can expect a 0x000000E2 error if your system is loading slowly and the mouse pointer is getting dizzy.

SFC scan is the most reliable option to locate any kind of BSOD error and kill it before it spreads across various files. Check the condition of your hard drives and consider replacing them in case they are burnt.


There is no doubt in the fact that errors are a part of the normal operating system. They need to be handled with care, and the user should not panic. The errors grow with time and will affect the internal file and hard drives of your PC. If controlled at earlier stages, we can prevent a huge data loss.


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