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PDF File Reader

Accessing PDF Files

August 17, 2020Software

Portable Document Format is a computer application that is commonly used by people across the globe. It is a most advanced and modified application which keeps the content of the documents intact and secure. It is a non-editable format that is used to share and store a vast amount of data across platforms. This file …

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Keeboard and mouse on the table

Facts About Phishing

August 15, 2020Cyber Security

Facts About Phishing Crime still doesn’t pay, even if it’s phishing. And although phishing may seem like a new word to many, especially with the latest updated Internet Explorer browser that is said to detect possible phishing attempts and block them, it is an old term for a new concept. What is Phishing It is …

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Hacker working on laptop with stickers

Facility Maintenance Software

August 14, 2020Software

Facility maintenance software is an essential tool used by facility managers to help them keep track of their maintenance operations. Facility maintenance software can be used for a variety of reasons, including to help forecast the cost of maintaining an asset or property. Some maintenance software is also integrated into the asset management software used …

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Coding on computer

ERP – The Next Big Thing in IT

August 13, 2020Software

With the economies of the world showing signs of recovery, optimism starts to spreads among the career aspirants. People are looking for those who are ready to manage the resources in a better way. Business houses are looking for someone who has the knack of using figures accumulated in the accounting system and suggest them …

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Keyboard and cybersecurity

Difference Between Botnet and Worm

August 12, 2020Software

A network system is not only comprised of computers but also includes supporting equipment such as firewalls, switches, printers, scanners, handled assets such as CDs and DVDs, printers, wi-fi hot spots and not to forget security cameras. Worms are different from the standard computers and their drivers that run on the platform. Worms are the …

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ACER Laptop

How to Uninstall Programs

August 12, 2020Software

If you have programs on your computer that you don’t use and you have limited space, one way of removing these unwanted programs is to uninstall them. This can be done by going to your Control Panel and clicking on the Add or Remove Programs button. You will find some programs listed, count how many …

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Working on laptop. Oracle, SAP

Comparison of SAP, Oracle and Dynamics ERP

August 12, 2020Software

SAP and Oracle are both leaders in the Enterprise Resource Planning software field, and they are probably going to be for a long time. It is easy to follow the software is as of these two giants because they practically are taking the same path and are promoting the same methodology in their organizations. Both …

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Security on the screen

A Multitasking Security Package

August 12, 2020Cyber Security

How important is our computer security to us, and how can we protect our self. So we work and play? There are countless tasks on our computer, and we need to learn how to do them safely. But we cannot do them if we are not able to see the potential threats that lurk on …

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Working on laptop

Why Antivirus Software’s Are Necessary

August 12, 2020Cyber Security

Antivirus software is very necessary for our computer to secure and protect our very important and costly personal data from a virus or other malware. Due to the continuous improvement in the field of computer and internet technologies on one side, these developments helped to make this world a more easy and secure place. Due …

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