Web Check

Three good sites that you can use to check any website to see how secure it is: SSL Labs can be used to check site certificate and provides a security grade. Virus Total can be used to check how clean a web site or a file is. Fake spot can be used to check how … Continue reading Web Check



Not all VPN service providers are created equal.  There are a few that were found recently to have IP leak and other issues.  A researcher has put together a list of VPN that he tested here (list is incomplete due to limited funds).  His article can be found here. Personally I use ProXPN, Tunnel Bear, … Continue reading VPN

Microsoft Word Attack

Bad actors is spreading malware via Word documents that will infect your computer without using macros.  Part the problem was actually patched by the January path Tuesday. Always keep your computer patched Never open any e-mail attachments Use service such as Dropbox to send files.