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How to Uninstall Programs

August 12, 2020Software

If you have programs on your computer that you don’t use and you have limited space, one way of removing these unwanted programs is to uninstall them. This can be done by going to your Control Panel and clicking on the Add or Remove Programs button. You will find some programs listed, count how many of them are there, and then remove those that you don’t want.

Uninstalling without control panel

Another way of doing this is to search the internet for a program that will uninstall programs without you having to go to the Control Panel. These programs can be downloaded and will uninstall programs without asking for your permission. This is a good way of doing it, but you have to be careful because there are programs that are free of spyware and adware that will hurt your computer. Removing these spyware programs is not enough, you need to scan all of your computer for missing or corrupted registry files. Regedit is a program that is installed in all Windows computers that can be used to fix the registry.

Clean the registry

One of the best registry cleaner programs out there is called Registry Easy. It was designed to speed up your computer by scanning and removing unnecessary files from the registry. You can use it to remove temporary files and unused programs as well as control unnecessary items on your start menu. One of the most popular programs is the Disk Cleanup which will remove such things as downloaded program files, temporary internet files, and anything that you have downloaded already.

This is a good program to use, but it will be a good idea to back up all your data to an external hard drive or a CD because if there is a problem and you lose everything, you will have lost the data. Once you have backed up everything, you can go to My computer and click on your ” exported files ” folder to find all the files that you exported and that you don’t need anymore. Select all of the files that you want to delete, and you can remove them from your computer.

The computer is not that old by now, so you should not have to worry about having to replace your whole computer, but if you have a lot of programs installed, it may be time for you to remove some of those. If you don’t want to go through all your programs every time you want to install a new one, you can search for “my documents” and delete files that are no longer in use by the computer. Spybot is a good antispyware program to deal with this issue.

Scan for viruses

Doing this does not guarantee that your computer will be free of malware, but it will free up some space, and it will likely stop a computer freezing on you. If you are experiencing more complications, you can try to update your anti-spyware and antivirus programs. Spybot is not a computer virus, but it will slow a computer and even cause it to crash. Be sure to always have the latest anti-virus and spyware programs installed because you never know what will find a virus on your computer.

One thing that you should do if you are experiencing a slow computer is to check the memory of your computer. Run a quick PC diagnostics test to find out what the problems are and to make sure that you have the problems found. If you find that the scanning does not find errors, then you should run a full scan. The next thing that you should do is to see if the computer is running with malware. Computers that are acting like this are usually infected with some type of spyware or virus. Having an anti-spyware and antivirus program will help a lot. Just remember to always be careful when you are surfing the internet because there are all kinds of harmful things that you can get from the internet. Do not think that you are safe when you are out surfing the net because you will never know what kind of harmful things you could get because of having a bad internet experience. If you get a bad internet experience, it could ruin your computer and could cost you thousands of dollars to fix it. The more you think you can surf the web without having to worry about getting a bad internet experience, the less you have to think about it. Don’t get troubled, get rid of the bad internet experience now!

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