How to get rid of Microsoft OneDrive errors

How to get rid of Microsoft OneDrive errors


Microsoft OneDrive is a storage platform or a hosting service offering a chunk of space for files and one that looks after manning the synchronization. A service entailed by Microsoft for the web-based version of its Office. This space is for free and allows anyone to use it, given they have a Microsoft account.

Microsoft OneDrive is like a hard drive for your cloud, letting you work on Windows 10. This is over and above the add ons, starting from the freedom; it gives you access to it from anywhere. The backup feature so that all your files remain always protected to the option of sharing. Microsoft account holders get free storage up to 5 GB. Microsoft OneDrive is a one-stop platform enriching user experiences.

The more nuanced it is, the more it clocks in anomalies in terms of errors. Syncing files to the cloud may not work at every given instance. There might be errors or, more so, error codes displayed like an icon in cases. This stems from the issue related to syncing or even when files appear missing. Here we will discuss some of these error codes and what to do if you are having trouble with Microsoft OneDrive.

Onedrive error code 0x8004de40

While signing on to OneDrive, one may encounter error code 0x8004de40 or a message that flashes a problem while connecting to OneDrive & offers the option of trying again.

This error can occur due to the wrong configuration of the internet or the corrupt installation of OneDrive. One needs to follow a few of the troubleshooting steps to fix the error code 0x8004de40.

The first step suggests changing the properties of the internet. One needs to apply the TLS 1.0 version as its protocol for security. Thereby letting encryption to be established across the computer network, barring which OneDrive might not function fully.

Secondly, one needs to configure the proxy settings for the internet. The option underneath Lan settings must be unchecked to using proxy servers for your LAN. Proxies allow bypassing restrictions by ISP.

Thirdly reset the OneDrive clientele. Lastly, reset the properties option for Winsock.

Onedrive error code 0x8004da9a

While accessing OneDrive Link after a Windows 10 update, one might get an error code 0x8004da9a, this happens when one can access files online, but the error does not permit one to save files to their own OneDrive link.

The autosave feature for any office product also shows a pop-up box preventing any file uploads.

The first step to follow to eliminate the error code 0x8004da9a is to ensure there are no VPN or proxy-based servers. This is when one tends to upload files and can be interrupted in signing in and uploading

If it is not because of VPN or proxy servers, one needs to reset OneDrive by following the steps listed on their website. When everything fails, one can directly contact the OneDrive team by logging into their webpage and selecting the option of “Contact Us.”

Onedrive error code 0x801f000f

OneDrive flashes the error code 0x801f000f when it is not able to save files at the destined location. There are multiple reasons why this kind of error occurs, the primary reason being corrupted file systems.

One can run the process of troubleshooting for Windows and its applications through the Microsoft support page. That entails one with a proper diagnosis and thereby remedy for the fixture.

One can also set the default location for saving files by creating a new test folder and saving it inside the local disk. Further, the default location for the Windows store can be altered to this test folder.

There are varied ways, and one also states performing a clean boot followed by running a checker tool for file systems.

Onedrive error code 0x8004de25

The error code 0x8004de25 crops up while signing in to OneDrive from simultaneous devices. OneDrive log in is possible for one while the other flashes the error code 0x8004de25. The first process in fixing the error code is going through the process of resetting the OneDrive application.

If this does not work and a pop-up message states windows can’t be found, one should type in, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft onedrive\onedrive.exe /reset and then click on ok.

This should be followed by the opening of OneDrive & pressing on the key for windows, and typing in OneDrive in the search criteria. Finally clicking on the OneDrive application for desktop.

Then starting the OneDrive app over again.

Onedrive error code 0x8004de42

The error code 0x8004de42 occurs when the proxy is on and is responsible for issues concerning the syncing of SharePoint with OneDrive. A message flashes stating there is a problem signing in. The proxy settings require prior authentication.

The message also enlists to contact the network administration and to try again. The troubleshooting process is cumbersome for fixing the OneDrive error code 0x8004de42.

This does not entail a simple step for uninstalling proxy. One needs to check the setup for the network and the rules for the firewall, and the default address for the gateway. This is for computers that get it through DHCP.

So uninstallation might lead to not having access to internet software. So the prior configuration of the proxy is needed to get through.

Onedrive error 43

One Drive error 43 is a newer issue for OneDrive related to Mac devices. This crops up while downloading files from OneDrive and syncing on to Mac. One can reset the Drive. There are several other ways to fix this One Drive error 43, one of which is stated here.

Firstly one needs to check the name of the file and deduce if there is a presence of illegal characters that could be @ or ! or # or %, etc. kinds.

Secondly, one needs to reset the NVRAM or the PRAM on their Mac devices through Apple support. Further repairing disk utility storage devices on Mac is needed. Therein one can start Mac through safe mode following the stated steps.

Error 0x8004e4d1

The OneDrive error code 0x8004e4d1 is because of poor network connectivity and improper configuration of One Drive. When this issue arises with the error code 0x8004e4d1, one must check whether they have licensed accounts for OneDrive as a business account.

This also further entails recommendations to sign in to My Account with the respective account to check for in-app permissions for OneDrive.

Additionally, suppose one has the privilege of having a global admin account. In that case, one might log into the admin center of OneDrive and, under the active user option, select the user and expand their settings of OneDrive.

This is done to ensure if a user has prior permission to log in to OneDrive for Business app. Otherwise, one can log in to OneDrive online if the error code 0x8004e4d1 persists only on a particular computer.

This does the work of assessing if there are any kinds of internet blocks for services related to OneDrive.

Onedrive error code 0x8001007

The OneDrive error code 0x8001007 appears whenever there are issues for syncing OneDrive servers with that of devices.

The process of troubleshooting for error code 0x8001007 is the simplest. One needs to follow the process of unlinking and then redo the setup for your account on the given device.

Onedrive error code 0x80040c97

The Onedrive error code 0x80040c97 pops up, flashing a message that states OneDrive could not be installed. The errors constantly show up, and this error code 0x80040c97 does not permit open settings and various other features. The process of resetting even does not work here.

The process of troubleshooting needs one to reinstall OneDrive from the following link If OneDrive does not even function after going through reinstallation, one needs to follow the below steps.

The first being is opening windows and then typing in “regedit” and pressing enter.

Further navigating through the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\OneDrive, one needs to alter the value of “DisableFileSyncNGSC” and restart OneDrive.

Onedrive error code 0x8004de34

The OneDrive error code 0x8004de34 is one of those errors that plague people now and then. This error code 0x8004de34 appears when OneDrive repeatedly has failures in recognizing the synced Microsoft account used for setting up a given profile.

Some pop-ups keep on demanding to sign into their OneDrives through PC, but the mail ID that is demanded is related to the deleted version of the account. Microsoft directs one back to the old defunct e-mail ID leading to error code 0x8004de34.

The troubleshooting process is easier wherein one needs to begin with unlinking and then choosing to relink their OneDrive account. This is stepped up by resetting the OneDrive client. Finally, again uninstalling & reinstalling OneDrive.


OneDrive is one of the best experiences of cloud storage across Windows 10. This helps in storage as well as syncing documents across multiple devices. Though not a perfect one, OneDrive often finds itself amid glitches beginning with refusing to let devices and OneDrive sync.

This is mostly due to issues that crop up owing to account ownership & control or software that is outdated and can even be basic discrepancies in configuration or other software conflicts.

However, there are various ways to troubleshoot and get OneDrive up and running, thereby taking off your pain and easing the way you sync files.


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