Fixing The Err_Network_Changed Error In Google Chrome

Fixing The Err_Network_Changed Error In Google Chrome [Solved]


While browsing through the internet, one can face several types of errors or problems that could prevent them from accessing the web pages. One of many errors is the Err_network_changed. Many internet users and chrome users can face this error on Google Chrome, mainly in Windows 10.

This error could mean that the user’s internet connection and the internet browser prevent them from loading the web page. The Err_network_changed message will indicate that Google Chrome will be unable to have any access to the network. This results in the Err_network_changed error. There are plenty of problems that can cause this error which is why one can find different methods to fix this issue.

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What does Err_network_changed mean?

Err_network_changed error prevents the web pages from giving access to the internet and Google Chrome users by denying the page from getting loaded normally. Not all the solutions may work for the users, so there are different ways to fix the issue. Err_network_changed displays that the users are unable to access the network of their internet connection were interrupted. In some situations, a network change is detected, and one must check their internet connection in such a case.

Err_network_changed is a recurring error, and this error ultimately impacts all the websites connected with Google-like Youtube, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and many others. Therefore, it can be crucial for the users to look for feasible solutions to fix the Err_network_changed issue.

How to fix network change detected?

Network change detected can be fixed by following multiple ways. Many users use the VPN or the proxy service. It has become very popular to use CAN when facing the Err_network_changed error. In such meth, the users will have to change the IP address to access a specific restricted website. Below are some of the solutions to fix the Err_network_changed error without any difficulty.

Fix 1: Restart the modem

Since the Err_network_changed is one of the most common errors faced by Google Chrome users, the solution is also quite simple. This error is often caused by small internal or technical issues that can be fixed without doing much. For example, one can shut down and restart the modem and try connecting their internet again to the system. This is a viable solution to fix this error.

Fix 2: Disable WiFi and Ethernet

Most personal computers offer two options when it comes to an internet connection. These options are WiFi or Ethernet port. Therefore, one should first make sure to check that the personal computer supports both options. If both the options are enabled, the user can enable one of the options to fix the Err_network_changed. This will ensure that the internet connection is steady as the internet shall be connected by one source only.

Fix 3: Disable VPN or Proxy servers

VPN is very commonly used to divert internet connection. It can give the users access to the restricted content. If one uses the VPN or the proxy server, the chances are higher for the Err_network_changed error to occur when opening chrome.

Proxy Settings in Windows 10

Fix 4: Clear cache and history on Google Chrome

Users search for multiple things on the internet and open various web pages. Over time these searches are saved in the browsing data and history as well as cache memory. This can slow down the speed of Google Chrome and can lead to the Err_network_changed error. Instead, one can view the browsing history and cache data and clear it.

For this, the users can open the Chrome browser and open the history run located in the right corner. After clicking on that, they will see a clear browsing data option. One can clear the complete history or ones they want to delete according to the time range. They must remember to tick all the options, including the browsing history, cookies as well as the site data. All the cached images, documents, and files must also be ticked. The users can then click on the clear data option and close the browser. It is advised to test the computer system and connecting the internet again.

Fix 5: Re-Enable network adapters

Not most users know this, but network adapters can also be the reason behind the Err_network_changed error. This can occur when the user runs Google Chrome on the personal computer, especially if they have Mac. This issue can be solved by checking the adapter related issues:

  1. They can search for the Device Manager and scroll through to find the Network Adapters option.
  2. They can disable and enable the network adapter.
  3. To check if the issue has been fixed, one can open Google Chrome again and try loading the webpage.

In most cases, this will solve the problem instantly.

Fix 6: Disable power saver

The wireless adapter in Windows 10 automatically shuts down if the power saver is enabled. This mode can be the reason for many disturbances in the internet speed and network. This can lead to the Err_network_changed error. One can change the thing by visiting the device manager and disabling the power saver mode.

What to do if you keep getting network change detected?

If the users keep on facing the err_network_changed chrome or the Err_network_changed error, they can contact their It went Service provider and get the solutions to fix the issue. In addition, they will help the users out with the err_network_changed chrome by making back-end changes that can positively impact the network’s performance.

What causes your connection to be interrupted?

When it comes to internet errors and network interruptions, err network changed is a problem many faces. This type of error is encountered when Google Chrome experiences or detects any change in the IP address of the user’s computer. Since each device is assigned a unique and distinct UP address, err network changed can pop up. The Internet Service Provider or the website owners can apply certain kinds of restrictions according to the user’s IP address. This is when the connection is interrupted, and one sees err network changed.


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