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ERP – The Next Big Thing in IT


With the economies of the world showing signs of recovery, optimism starts to spreads among the career aspirants. People are looking for those who are ready to manage the resources in a better way. Business houses are looking for someone who has the knack of using figures accumulated in the accounting system and suggest them to the person who should next to manage the resources.

What is ERP?

ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is the product produced by software giants SAP AG located in Germany. ERP integrates the various departments of the manufacturing unit into one common operating system. The essentiality of ERP is to manage the resources, which are required to make the organization function smoothly. ERP produces various kinds of software necessitating the usage of separate software for each of the segments of the company. Some of the examples of ERP software are manufacturing distribution software, wholesale distribution software, etc.

The maker of ERP identifiable itself with the industry it belongs to. Just like manufacturing software, which is manufacturing-based, ERP is seen dealing with finance, storage of data, costing and reporting, customer service, HR, and a lot of other utility functions.

How ERP works

ERP works on the principle of maintaining and assembling the necessary information in one place, which is easy to access by the different departments within an organization. Any office department can use a computer, to enter data in the system, to send reports to their superior or staff members. Sales order software, Coming into the picture when the businesses expand and turn into a bigger one, software vendors come up with billing software- an ERP based software. Companies use this software to take care of their diverse billing requirements. It handles varied billing cases, and this integrated software from a single application hence avoids any confusion.

Benefits of ERP

This software ist fusses in the realm of automation and information coordination. It ensures the seamless flow of information within a company and also outside it. ERP software Introduces in the IT industry are designed to manage the entire process the inventories and the transactions of a company. Even if the company is at its start-up, coming up with ERP gives it the final push to grow. Many software companies work forward towards this course, and many others fail to get into the market.

Even though ERP integrates different functions in a company, still it needs to follow a formal automated working procedure. ERP software not only integrates the departments but also the suppliers and the other parts of the supply chain. ERP system acts as the information hub through which the different departments in a company interact with each other and also with the external factors.

Error handling and managing

Error handling is a vital part of any business process. ERP software helps ERP applications to factor in critical situations and to deliver solutions most efficiently. ERP software manages functions like order processing, warehousing, purchasing, financial processes, sales and distribution, forecasting, and delivers this on time.

ERP implementation

okes ERP implementations in different types of enterprises. But one of the common types of implementation is a tendering process. Tenders are the main source of revenue for the organizations, and Enterprise Resource Planning enjoys a big market. Organizations can raise funds through tendering and pay the costs through PayPal.

Transactional based ERP

Enterprises should Transactional based ERP. This type of ERP is useful for tricky situations and to get quick solutions. organizations need to analyze the business process which might get disrupted in a manual process. This assists to finish lengthy tasks in less time.

People resources

The biggest areas of the business are concerned with the people, that is why ERP systems concentrate on human resources as the killer force of the organization. ERP systems play a major role in the appointment and retention of good employees. ERP makes it easy to identify the potential and human resources for the future of the organization.

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