Dealing with annoying Netflix error codes easily

Dealing with annoying Netflix error codes easily


Netflix is an OTT content platform and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. The main business of Netflix is the paid-subscription based streaming service offered to its users. The company showcases various content on its platform, ranging from Hollywood web series to Hindi movies to Chinese dramas. Netflix has over 195 million subscriptions on its platform as of October 2020. The platform operates in more than 190 countries and is the biggest entertainment/media company in market capitalization across the world.

The reason behind attraction towards Netflix is its Original content with the blend of high-graphic streaming quality. Though it has uncountable benefits, yet the media giant suffers from errors and bugs, which sometimes becomes frustrating for its users.

Following are some of the most common bugs and errors faced by Netflix and the ways to handle them feasibly:

ERROR: Netflix error 1001

SOLUTION: The error code 1001 implies that Netflix cannot play the movie or series at a certain point in time. To get away from the error code 1001, the user shall try out the following ways:

  1. They shall play another movie or series or drama then.
  2. Restart the device and then use the app.
  3. If the above two steps do not work, the user shall reinstall the Netflix app and update it.

ERROR: Netflix error code f7355

SOLUTION: The error code f7355 on Netflix simply points out the video-codec problem. To get away with this error, the user shall ensure that proper and correct video codecs are downloaded. The users shall contact a professional IT person if they face any difficulty in installing the video codecs. This way, the Netflix error code f7355 would go away.

ERROR: Netflix error code nw-2-5

SOLUTION: The Netflix error code nw-2-5 implies that the user has some internet connectivity issue stopping their device from reaching the Netflix service. This issue generally comes on Play Station 3, Play Station 4, Xbox 360, etc. The user shall restart the device and should have a good internet connection. This would remove the Netflix error code nw-2-5.

ERROR: Netflix error ui-800-3

SOLUTION: The Netflix error code ui-800-3 points to the information stored in the user’s device that needs to be refreshed. The general solution to the bug is signing out of Netflix and restarting it again. The user may need to clear the data of Netflix and reinstall it again. The users shall ensure that they have strong internet connectivity to keep the device away from such bugs. Thus, the Netflix error ui-800-3 would go away just by following the above steps.

ERROR: Netflix error m7020

SOLUTION: The Netflix error code m7020 implies that the information stored in the user’s device needs to be refreshed. The user shall follow the below-mentioned steps to get rid of the error m7020:

  1. From the browser’s upper right corner, the user shall click the Menu Customize option and control Google Chrome.
  2. After that, they shall click Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data.
  3. Then click Advanced.
  4. From the Time range drop-down menu option, select All time.
  5. They shall uncheck everything except the cookies and other site data.
  6. Click on Clear data.
  7. Try signing in and downloading Netflix again.

ERROR: Netflix error 13

SOLUTION: Netflix error 13 implies that the device of the user is not compatible with using Netflix. The user shall download the Netflix app from Google Play Store only to avoid error 13. If the app does not appear in the Play Store, it implies that the device is not compatible enough for installing Netflix. If this does not work, the user shall contact Netflix Customer Service, which would help them install and use the app efficiently.

ERROR: Netflix error NSES-UHX

SOLUTION: The Netflix error NSES-UHX is caused due to the following three reasons:

  1. A computer setting preventing Silverlight from storing files it needs to play the TV show or movie for the user.
  2. There is an issue with the Silverlight plug-in itself.
  3. A problem with the content the user is trying to play may be due to the expiry of the contract of the movie or TV Show with Netflix.

There is no official solution being provided by Netflix to the error NSES-UHX. However, the users shall contact Netflix Customer Care to tackle this issue.

ERROR: Netflix error 500

SOLUTION: Netflix error 500 showcases the user’s internet connectivity issues that are blocking him from reaching the efficient services of Netflix. The best solution to error 500 is restarting the device, signing out of Netflix, and restart the app. Usually, this error vanishes after restarting or rebooting the device.

ERROR: Netflix Error N8107 152

SOLUTION: The Netflix Error N8107 152 in the device of the user usually occurs due to the mentioned reasons:

  1. A computer setting prevents the Silverlight from storing files it needs to play the TV show or movie.
  2. Issues with the Silverlight plug-in itself.
  3. Problems with the content the user is trying to stream.

The user shall try an alternate browser, play another movie or show or troubleshoot the browser to eliminate the error N8107 152.

ERROR: Netflix Error NQM.105

SOLUTION: The Netflix Error NQM.105 implies some issue with the content that the user is attempting to play or download. To eliminate the Netflix Error NQM.105, the user shall try out downloading or watching some other movie or show and report a problem to it.


Netflix has been one of the most dominant platforms in the media and entertainment sector globally with quality content, graphics, features, and services. The users have faith in the platform, which inclines them to subscribe to it. There is a limited range of errors and bugs in Netflix, which are easily avoidable as Netflix provides solutions. The streaming platform seems to be the most prominent industry in the upcoming years with varied content for its public.


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