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Comparison of SAP, Oracle and Dynamics ERP


SAP and Oracle are both leaders in the Enterprise Resource Planning software field, and they are probably going to be for a long time. It is easy to follow the software is as of these two giants because they practically are taking the same path and are promoting the same methodology in their organizations. Both of them started as small companies and later on broadened their horizon to become leaders in the market.


SAP is a big player, but its reach is not as extensive as that of Oracle, who begun some time ago as a database software company and nowadays offers a customer relationship management package. Both of them have a different angle to it and, while Oracle strives to include all the features needed in a customer relationship management system, SAP chooses to include only the necessary ones.

The era of the 1990s saw two major changes in the landscape of the ERP market. The first one was the rapid growth of personal computers, and the second one was the establishment of linkages between the software industry and corporate America. During the 1990s, SAP’s dominance of the Enterprise Resource Planning market was very firm, but it faces a competition that is neck and neck with him.

Because SAP is a big player, you find many consultants and specialized industries associated with it. Close to each other, these two create a niche market, and both of them are ready to exploit it. The cost of implementation is very high for SAP, but Oracle’s pricing is competitive.o SAP consultants are well trained and lead a very productive consultancy job. But because Oracle offers such a wide range of solutions, it may be too specialized for some IT managers to integrate their solutions with the SAP software.


Although Oracle recently has the contract to supply hardware solutions to large corporations, SAP has its deal with Dell which runs on Oracle’s platform. This partnership allows SAP to reach those corporations that SAP cannot reach in its department.

However, many larger corporations use SAP because they are more interested in IT solutions, reliability, and speed. The software maker’s main competition is Microsoft which has a dominant market share in this area.

Who uses SAP software

Although SAP is catching up slowly in the market for rich companies, it still has its fan base in the rich areas of Europe, the United States, and Canada. The German pharmaceutical company, Merck Holding has used SAP software for nearly 50 years.

Even the Japanese telecom industry uses SAP software. There are many different varieties of applications for all kinds of industries and businesses, and people use them in a variety of ways. Some use the software’s operation system while others use the applications for manipulating records and games.

The German automaker, Opel requires SAP support, and it supplies its customers from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Many sports car manufacturers use the software as well, and they have won the Formula One World Drivers’ license exams through the program held by MS SQL, the Microsoft equivalent.

Although many people use MS Excel for analysis, presentations, and contacts it also has the added advantage of working with tables, causing charts and wide sheets to appear.

Banks around the world use SAP software, and they use the database to store all their commercial secrets. The USA’s banking industry also uses the software as it has the tightest set of regulations around its banking industry.

Unpacking, box scaling, and thumbnails, but it also has it’s used in the accounting profession. Bookkeeping software is used by those who want to check the background information of any customer. Besides, the software can help in researching Troubles spots in the accounting conducted by an accountant.


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