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A Multitasking Security Package


How important is our computer security to us, and how can we protect our self. So we work and play? There are countless tasks on our computer, and we need to learn how to do them safely. But we cannot do them if we are not able to see the potential threats that lurk on the internet.

We computer users have become accustomed to using the internet for more than just downloading music and videos. We now work from the comfort of our office room, just as we did as a child, in addition to maintaining our studies. Because of the significance of this tool, we should make sure that it is used appropriately.

Multitasking is a tricky concept to understand unless you have a clear idea of what you are doing, but a useful task involves doing several things at the same time. Such as conducting your research, watching a television show, or reading the news. This requires you to be aware that whatever you do, you cannot completely focus on what you are doing without having to stop what you are doing and checking something on your computer.

Avoid anonymous proxy lists

They are websites that allow you to gain access to the internet while hiding your IP address. Before you start using one of these lists you must know how to use a proxy. If you are using a web proxy checker you can type in the URL of the website you want to visit, and you will go to the site with your IP address hidden. If you are trying to unblock a website you probably realize that being anonymous online is something you can’t do without having a stable internet connection.

Choose informative passwords

You surely know that every website you visit nowadays should be possible to reach anonymously. Don’t tell your password to anyone else except your family members or closest friends. Make sure that the password is not easy to guess. It is also important to avoid the use of top-secret or code words. Don’t even give it to your spouse, girlfriend, or best friend. With the increase in prostitution, the world is now becoming more and more aware of the need to have a secured website.

Carry out different types of activities on secure sites. If you can insert a virtual reality entertainment module to your visit you might be able to enjoy the full benefits of virtual reality without having to leave that virtual reality.

If you are someone who keeps files in your computer without securing any kind of download, the risk of someone stealing your computer or hard disk will be much greater. Computer piracy is still alive and well. Computer security remains to bellower than most computer users think.

The risk of your computer being infected by a virus, worm, trojan, or spyware is much greater when you use a public computer or computer connected to a network. To prevent this from happening you should secure as many files as possible on your computer before leaving it such as backed up important personal files, important business files, and files of related accounts.

How to secure hard disk drive or SSD

To secure your hard disk drive there are hardware and software solutions that you can buy that will encrypt the data on your hard disk drive before it leaves your computer to be accessed by anyone else.

The risk of someone trying to crack your password or just simply access your computer from a remote location is much greater when you use a public computer or computer connected to a network. With more and more locations becoming free of charge, many people have started to use their computers for different purposes other than what they initially bought the computer for. To prevent this you can use encrypted file transfers to send your data to someone else’s computer.

Encrypted transmissions can be possible when you are using a free anonymous web server. This service allows you to surf the internet however you are sure that no one can see what you are doing. Your computer is serving you with another data source instead of yours. It is happening for privacy reasons since the original owner of the computer has no idea of what is being sent through his computer.

But encrypted transmissions can also happen when you visit a website directly instead of using a web proxy. When you visit a website and some of the contents are blocked for some reason, you can access this blocked information through a proxy. If you can access the website directly instead of using a web proxy, then you can get the full benefit of the secure website.

Just like how you were able to use a proxy to view the blocked information, you can use this same method to send information other than what is normally blocked. Sure, you have to bear with less performance during the HTTPS transmission, but it’s nothing compared to what you stand to lose when your sensitive information is stolen.

Don’t get me wrong, I will never be one to start monitoring every detail of my daily life. But if I am, I am going to make sure that my computer system is always protected.


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