Online Banking Placeholder

Some of us use online banking and many of us do not.  The ones that does not use it could be the older generation or just don’t trust it.  There has been several reports that cyber criminals buy personal identifiable information in order to setup online baking for you and or enroll your card in online payment.  There may not be any fool proof way to prevent this but I do have some suggestions that will make it harder for the creeps.  The idea is to make yourself not the low hanging fruit.

  • Setup online banking account even if you don’t want to use it.
    • Give it a very strong password (LastPass)
    • Turn on second factor authentication (not the text or email types)
  • Enroll all your credit/payment cards just like online banking
  • Create a new free email account with a address made of random letters.
    • Example:
    • Use that email for all the accounts your going to create.
      • A even better way is to create one email for each account.

Also please help your older relatives and parents create these accounts.  If you don’t create it, one day some creep will create it for you.

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