Day: May 21, 2019

Online Credit Card Skimming

Netlab 360 have found many malicious JAVA script that was injected into many online e-commerce sites. The script can get name and credit card or debit card information. Below is a list as reported by Netab 360: adirectholdings[.]com adm[.]sieger-trophaen[.]de adventureequipment[.]com[.]au alkoholeswiata[.]com alphathermalsystems[.]com ameta-anson[.]com ametagroup[.]com ametawest[.]com armenianbread[.]com autosportcompany[.]nl bagboycompany[.]com boardbookalbum[.]biz boardbookalbum[.]com boardbookalbum[.]net boardbookalbums[.]biz boardbookalbums[.]net burmabibas[.]com businesstravellerbags[.]com … Continue reading Online Credit Card Skimming