Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

During the last 6 to 8 days my internet WAN connection on my router keeps going in and out and as hard as I try, I could not find any clear cause.  Two days ago when I was watching baseball game I noticed the WAN connection that goes from the FIOS router to my Synology router keep on dropping out (the connection light went out and came back) and that is in sync with the game stopped streaming.  The WAN path I had setup was from FIOS router to UPS battery backup unit’s RJ45 surge protection and then to Synology.  I removed the connection to the UPS and connected the FIOS router to Synology and no problems at all for almost 3 days now.  If anyone is having internet drop out and your using wither a UPS or a surge protector to protect your RJ45, you might want to by pass it.

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