User Accounts

When we bring a new computer home, turn it on, follow the setup instructions, maybe even setup a password, and starting using it without much thought.  This is exactly what bad actors are banking on what we do.  May I present a simple method that has been around for a long time to give us a little bit of security.  Before I explain the method, let me say that most if not all malware, spyware, virus and ransomware require administrator access.  Therefore we should have a administrator account that we only use as needed and create a regular user account that we use daily.  Linux and Unix user will attest that they never login as root and use it as their primary account.

When the computer is new it is easy to have multiple accounts.  But what if you have been using the computer for a while?  All you need to do is create another administrator account, login to it and change your current account to a regular account.

sudo rm -rf /  DON’T DRINK AND ROOT

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