We all know that passwords are part of our daily life.  We login to our phones, computers, networks, banks and in some cases we even login to our homes.  With so many devices and web sites that require passwords, we tend to get a bit sloppy at coming up with different passwords for each device and sites.  Believe it or not there are people that are still using passwords such as “12345” or “p@$$word”.  Today I like to introduce everyone to a wonderful product call LastPass.  With LastPass the following is possible:

  • Unique passwords for each web site
  • Long and unique passwords that is hard to guess and brute force
  • Encryption that is on the client side
  • LastPass does not have your master password

LastPass is free for most major browsers.  They do have an annual fee for smartphone access.  With LastPass your Facebook password will no longer be “12345”, it can be “b5/@dDE!w$ai+0QcY^Mj”.  The passwords may look complicated and you think there is no way you will remember it, let along trying to type it in.  The beauty of LastPass is that all you need to remember is your master password and it will fill in your login credential for you.  Some of you might be apprehensive of using a password manager with passwords that are stored on a cloud.  The way LastPass work is that your master password is not shared with LastPass.  Your password database is encrypted on your computer before it is uploaded to the LastPass server.  Hence if the LastPass server gets hacked all the hacker get is a blob.  Basically you’re uploading a blob to LastPass and downloading a blob from LastPass.  All the decryption and encryption are all done on your computer.  I have been using LastPass for a few years now and I proud to say that I do not even know most my web login passwords.  All I know is that my personal email has a randomly generated password that is 35 characters and my Amazon password is 100 characters.  As an added security LastPass is also compatible with Yubi key for dual factor authentication.

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