0x8024a105 Error Code — Quick Fix on Windows 10 Update Error

0x8024a105 Error Code — Quick Fix on Windows 10 Update Error


Windows is the most commonly used operating system out there; however, the problem with updating it can sometimes happen due to the presence of error 0x8024a105. It can turn into a frustrating scenario for users if this keeps on repeating over and over again.

The 0x8024a105 error is a frequent error found on Windows, the occurrence of which can be attributed to missing system files, corrupted system files, or an improper installation. This error is not even found on the official error codes list of Windows. The occurrence of this error comes with a message that reads as follows:

In such cases, several solutions can be adapted to the fixing of the windows update error 0x8024a10. This guide will take you through a comprehensive set of solutions that can be applied sequentially.

Step by step guide of fixing the error 0x8024a105

In this guide, we have summarized the top fixes that have worked for a large proportion of Windows users who have faced the 0x8024a105 error on their system. However, before resorting to straightaway going for these steps, it is best advised that you restart the computer or perform a scan for any virus, and then try updating again. If these simple fixes do not work for you, you can go for the list of solutions on this comprehensive guide for the windows update error 0x8024a10.

Solutions to Fix the 0x8024a105 Error

The solutions here are given in order given the different issues/problems they address concerning the computer’s 0x8024a105 error. Follow these one at a time to solve the 0x8024a105 error.

1) Running the Windows Update Troubleshooter

This tool can help you to automatically locate and fix the cause of the (0x8024a105) error on the computer. This proves to be a handful for users across a lot of update errors for Windows. Hence, it is advisable that you first try your hand at running this tool as the first fix towards windows update error 0x8024a10.

  1. In the search menu on the bottom-right corner, search for the Troubleshoot settings.
  2. From the appearing Troubleshoot window, select Troubleshoot to expand the option.
  3. Select the option named Run Troubleshooter
  4. Select the Windows Update option. This will be found on the right side of the Window.
  5. Run the troubleshooter

Once this is launched, it will start detecting the causes of the error. This will be a short process, and you should follow the instruction on the screen to advance further on the problem is detected. Once this process is done, you can try updating the operating system again and see if the problem is taken care of.

2) Checking the Internet Connection

One other cause of the (0x8024a105) error is the loss of poor reception of internet connection on the computer. This can cause problems with the update, thereby leading to the error.

First of all, make sure the internet connection is normal. Then, switch the Internet connection.

If you are currently adopting a LAN connection for the computer, switch to Wi-Fi. If you are still using the latter of the two, try going for a wired connection with Category 5 cables. Once you switch the connections, try updating the system again and see if the (0x8024a105) error is taken care of.

3) Resetting the Software Distribution Folder

The Software Distribution Folder is essential for storing important temporary files that may be required to install upcoming updates on the computer. Issues with this folder can lead to the (0x8024a105) error. Resetting the folder can sometimes lead to the eradication of this error as a whole.

  • In the search menu on the bottom-right corner, search for the command prompt.
  • Once the list appears, right-click on the option and select Run as Administrator.
  • In the command prompt that appears, type the following commands and hit enter after each one

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

  • Open the Run dialogue box by pressing the R and Windows keys simultaneously. Type the following command to open the Software Distribution Folder


  • Please select all the files in this folder, and delete them all at once
  • As a note, never tamper with the original Software Distribution Folder by deleting it or renaming it. You have to delete all contents of this folder, which will be reinstalled by the Windows system as and when required
  • Type the given commands in the Admin mode command prompt

net start bits

net start wuauserv

  • Restart the computer, and try downloading the updates again. If the (0x8024a105) error remains, go for the next step.

4) Running the DISM tool

The DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) tool is a helpful command-line tool for Windows. It can be used to check for problems in the system, run Windows setup, etc. When prompted, this toll will get rid of the (0x8024a105) error on the computer and fix the issues that are found. This command can be run from the command prompt itself (In the Admin mode).

5) Performing a clean boot of the computer

Sometimes, a clean boot of the computer is necessary to eliminate the computer’s error. However, before this is done, you should carefully store all the necessary files and folders as a backup to not end up losing them in the end.

6) Resetting the CatRoot2 folder

If none of the above methods is of any use, you can reset the CatRoot2 folder to get rid of this error. This can be done by running the command prompt in the Admin mode.

7) Reinstalling the Windows 10 OS to the latest version

This might also be a problem for the error, and can be solved by reinstalling the Windows 10 OS to the latest version, with proper backup in place.

Conclusion on 0x8024a105 Error

When you are trying to update the system, but end up receiving the 0x8024a105 error, you can try these top fixes given above to get rid of this issue with ease. If these solutions do not work for you, you can probably try contacting a professional or post to help the Microsoft Support Centre.


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