Online Storage Privacy

Google Drive Google's automated system access the data stored on their servers for the purpose of monetization through advertising. DropBox Dropbox employees and trusted "third-parties" have permission to access, view and share the files stored on their servers at any time. Box The terms of service gives Box permission to view the files stored on … Continue reading Online Storage Privacy


Just got my SQRL identity.  Saw the creator Steve Gibson last night and am hoping this technology will take off.  Once it takes off web and enterprise login will be much easier and secure. More information on SQRL.

Online Credit Card Skimming

Netlab 360 have found many malicious JAVA script that was injected into many online e-commerce sites. The script can get name and credit card or debit card information. Below is a list as reported by Netab 360: adirectholdings[.]com adm[.]sieger-trophaen[.]de adventureequipment[.]com[.]au alkoholeswiata[.]com alphathermalsystems[.]com ameta-anson[.]com ametagroup[.]com ametawest[.]com armenianbread[.]com autosportcompany[.]nl bagboycompany[.]com boardbookalbum[.]biz boardbookalbum[.]com boardbookalbum[.]net boardbookalbums[.]biz boardbookalbums[.]net burmabibas[.]com businesstravellerbags[.]com … Continue reading Online Credit Card Skimming

Search Engine Links

Do you ever wonder about the links you get form search engine?  Some search actually will track you.  Below are examples of actual links that search engine put your browsers through.  Below example are from the Firefox browser.  Search term for each engine is "news". Google: Duck Duck Go As you … Continue reading Search Engine Links